The Franklin Institute Experience!

PACK 6 WINTER CAMP-IN AT THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE!  6:00pm Feb 29th – 8:00am March 1st.  This is a very memorable experience.  Wonderful exhibits (like the giant heart, train factory, much more), Survival Theme Demonstrations in February (Volcanos/Alligators/Quicksand), the Observatory (if clear enough), IMAX theater (“Fires of Creation”), work on Scout achievements.  


Pack 6 will be “camping in” together in the same room of the Institute

Cost is $45 per person, payment link below. 
Park in the Institute’s garage: 271 North 21st St., Philadelphia, PA. $15 per car, 6′ 1″ car height limit.
Meet up with Pack 6, and we’ll check-in at 6:30pm to start enjoying the fun and activities in the museum.
In the morning, wakeup is 6:30am – You can leave or enjoy another show & exhibit. Departure deadline is 9:30am.
Dinner — Food:
Ideal to eat an early dinner before arriving, or bring a packed dinner.
You can bring any food you like and eat it in the dining center until 8pm.
You can purchase snack food there too.
You can also order-in from restaurants for delivery at the 20th St. Business Entrance
Breakfast — provided (continental)
Coffee is available throughout.
What else to bring:
Sleeping bag and pillow
Camping pad or yoga mat (no air mattress unless you have a medical note)
Not recommended: Pajamas. Comfortable clothing is recommended.
All Campers will receive a PATCH.

Franklin Institute Camp-In

$45 per person

Price: $45.00 USD

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